Productivity at your Fingertips
Single Window Search
Remember the last time you were looking for some information on a defect or needed to draft a proposal? Was it as easy as simply typing in keywords into a system to find what you were looking for, or was it a frustrating experience with multiple searches in different systems, repositories and folders?
No more logging into multiple systems to find what you are looking for. Accio pulls information from all your systems and displays them in a single browser window.
Role Based Relevance
Same Search Terms. Different Results.
There are different roles in a software development team. Their information needs are different because their purpose and contribution to the team is different. The information a Project Manager requires is different from that of a developer.
Accio uses machine learning algorithms to determine the relevance of search results to display for each role. It continuously learns how each persona and role uses Accio and prioritizes search results so that you see only what is most relevant to you.
Dynamic Filters
To help you quickly narrow down your search results, Accio provides intelligent filters based on the content being searched.
Searching for Defects? Drill down based on Projects, Issue Type, Issue Severity or Issue Status.

Searching for Codes? Drill down based on the Repository Branch or File Type.
The filters are categorized relevant to the system you are searching. Zoom in and out of the search results to find exactly what you are looking for.
Social Features
Collaborate with your software project team members through Accio's social features - Bookmark, Like, Share Search Results, Tag, Comment.
Using these features benefit both you and your team members to find information more quickly next time round.
Accio’s algorithm analyses the social signals and leverages them to determine the relevance of search results for all the users. If a business analyst in your project team bookmarked a particular search result, maybe other business analysts would also find it useful?
Standard Edition
Leverage these features with simple configurations
Federated Search
Find information blazingly fast from across all your repositories
Contextual Results
Role based search results powered by machine learning algorithms
Faceting Filters
Drill down into your data by applying multiple filters
Easy Collaboration
Results sharing & crowd based rating to improve search relevance
Flexi Connector Framework
Out-of-box & custom connectors to import from your data source
Zero Touch Implementation
Signup/Download configure and start searching in a matter of hours
Enterprise Edition
Features that might require help from IT teams
Custom Connector
Connect to your legacy systems and import data into Accio
Mobile Optimized
Responsive design catering to a variety of devices and platforms
Social Features
Tagging, Voting, Commenting and Recommendations
People Search
Find team members based on their skill proficiency and expertise
Asset Analytics
Track the changes happening to your software assets
Admin UI
Flexibility to tune search relevance as per your organizational needs
Accio comes with a flexible connector framework that makes it easy to import data from your software project data sources.

Accio supports connecting to a wide variety of data, stored in a variety of places. For example, your software project data might be stored on your computer in a spreadsheet or a PDF file, or in a relational database. Or, you might connect to a cloud data source, such as Google Drive, or Amazon S3 to access your project data. Whatever your data source, you can configure Accio and get it up and running with your data in a matter of hours.

The currently available connectors are listed in the section alongside.

We are working on building connectors for many of the data sources commonly used in software projects. If Accio currently doesn't have a built-in connector for your data, consider requesting it here. If it has already been requested, vote for it and if not, provide the details of your data source and we will build it for you.
All Connectors
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